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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 39306202
Closing Date 30 - Apr - 2020  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of mixed paper, thermoco & miss scrap used office stationeries, papers, thermo, mixed plastic paper & plastic misscrap used office stationeries plastic, mixed wood scrap used packaging wood scrap, chemical treated pallets, plywood, mixed corrugated scrap carton, cardboard boxes, sheets & partitions and other, mixed plastic scrap (includes -nylon scraps, pbt scraps, polycarbonate (pc) scrap, mixed mild steel scrap.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 39306216
Closing Date 29 - Apr - 2020  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of waste paper ; used bopp ; waste paper cut sheet ; waste paper full sheet ; waste 210 ltr iron drum ; packing scrap plywood ; packing scrap wood ; waste paper padding ; scrap heavy iron ; waste 210 ltr plastic drum ; waste 210 ltr plastic drum(resin used ) ; used plastic bucket 20 l ; scrap light iron ; waste plastic drum- small ; pvc scrap ; used/scrap sanding belt 36 ; used/scrap sanding belt 40 ; misc scrap (waste carton) ; electric motors ; electronic meters.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 39343958
Closing Date 22 - Apr - 2020  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of aluminium cable ; aluminium scrap ; bottle,doom bulb,used tube light scrap ; copper cable ; filter bag ; gi sheet scrap ; hrcs magnetic ; hrcs non magnetic ; idler ; ms barrel good ; plastic barrel 200 ltr ; pvc can- 35 to 50 ltrs ; sinter cast scrap ; ss scrap ; wooden scrap ; rubber & plastic.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 39274905
Closing Date 16 - Apr - 2020  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of safety equipment - goggles, splash proof, long text:, , goggles,splash proof, powerless lense should provide 160 degree, sweep of uninterrupted peripheral vision,bis 5983/en approved,, ertified as per en 166,en 170, en 172, ", "goggles,splinter proof, long text:, , googles,splinter proof,having high impact optical clear, powerless glass,of polycarbonate or, equivalent material, internal ventila ion, bis 1179 / ce marked, ", "shield,face,14x9in, long text:, face shield,made of optically clear plastic/acrylic, polycarbonate sheet of panoramic vision, approximate size:14 x 9 inch,appro ed/marked by bis 8521,part-1/ en/ansi/din approval, ", "gloves,hand,non asbestos, long text:, , hand gloves,non asbestos, material,for high temperature, ", "gloves,hand,cotton,w/polka dots, long text:, , hand gloves,cotton knitted with, polka dots, ", "gloves,hand,cotton, long text:, , , cotton hand gloves, ", "gloves,hand,nitrile rubber, long text:, , hand gloves,nitrile, rubber,handling light chemical, ", "gloves,hand,pvc, long text:, , hand gloves,pvc,for handling, acid alkali, ", "gloves,hand,elec shock proof,11kv, , long text:, hand gloves,electrical shockproof,11 kv grade, ", "gloves,hand,f/cold cryogenicliquid, , long text:, hand gloves,for cold cryogenicliquid, ", "hand gloves ,heat and cut, resistance, long text:, it shall be made of knitted, type.,2. liner material shall, be doublelayer cotton type.3. knitwrist shall be of cuffstyle.,4.length shall be min. 270 mm,6.heat resistance shall be up to, 250degree celsius., ", "wind sock,hood, cloth,polypropylene, , long text: , , wind sock,hood cloth,made ofpolypropylene,for fire fightingequipment, ", "barrication tape, long text:, , barrication tape as per , specification, ", "blanket,non asbestos,f/wld, spark, , long text:, blanket,non asbestos,for, welding spark and molten, protection, ", "boiler suit cotton,bis : 1423, long text:, boiler suit / overall shall bemade of thick cotton clothas,per bis1423,test certificate to beprovided., cloth sample of size10 cm x 10 cm shall be sentwith offer, ", "suit,pvc,full body cover, , long text:, , pvc suit,full body cover, ", "bottle,eye wash, , long text:, eye wash bottle,for immediate, flushing of eyes, ", "plug,ear,non alergic, long text:, ear plug,made of non, allergic,soft and comfortable, material,joined by, synthetic chord,bis 9167 / ce, mark and ens 352 - 1 / ansi, ", "muff,ear, long text:, ear muff,sliding provision to, fit over helmet,bis 9167 / ce, mark and, ens 352 - 1 / ansi, or,equivalent approval, ", "boot,gum, , long text:, , gum boot, ", "intrinsic safe torch, long text:, , intrinsic safe torch,with threedry cell with certificate, ", "spark arrestor,f/lmv, , long text:, , spark arrestor,for light motorvehicle,cce approved, ", "mask,full,f/lpg/organic vapour, long text:, , canister mask suitable for, lpg/organic vapour upto 20000ppm,full facemask and attached filter,bin /en / cli approval, ", "cartridge replaceable, nioshapproved, long text:, , it shall be approved to, niosh.,weight should be approx.145gms.,protection organic vapor,chlorine , h2s,ammonia, hcl, ", "rope ladder,15 meter,long, long text:, , length of the rope ladder shallbe minimum fifteen (15)mtr,item shallhave polypropylene rope of min, 20 mm dia,steps / rungs sh, ll be made of wood /tough, plastic material,horizontalrope to rope gap, minimum 12 inch,vertical gapbetween rungs / stepsmaximum 12 inch.,the ropeladder shall be tested,copy ofcertificate, to be provided along with, supply., ", "shower,sfty,cum eye wash, long text:, , safety shower cum eye, wash,class:c heavy duty pipeor,equivalent of, minimum 4.00 mm pipe wall, thickness,en / bis approval andis10592 mark, ", "burn dressing, water gel (144 sq. inch), , long text:, , burn dressing, water gel (144 sq. inch), water gel, ", "manual resuscitator, , long text:, , manual resuscitator for artificial respiration to personnel, ", "apparatus set, breathing, long text:, , breathing apparatus set with carbon composite cylinder, capacity about 6, litres and 300 bar,en 137 or equivalent approval, ", "cyl,f/breathing apparatus set, f/replace, , long text:, cylinder,for breathing, apparatus set,for replacement, ", "wall mntg box, f/breathing apparatus set, long text:, , wall mounting box,for breathing apparatus set,suitable for keeping breathing apparatus set,havingtransparent cover, ", "foldable rescuer stretcher 3*8 feet, long text:, , , foldable rescuer stretcher 3*8 feet, ", "cervical collar,, , long text:, , cervical collar, to assist rescuer, ", "spine splint, , long text:, , spine splint, with compromising, breathing, ", "suit,fire proximity, , long text:, , , fire proximity suit, ", "air driven portable air ventilator, , long text:, air driven portable air ventilator, induction ratio 25-30, ", "duct for driven ventilators, , , long text:, duct for driven ventilators, ", "inlet duct adapter (airdriven ventilator), , long text:, , inlet duct adapter.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 39303631
Closing Date 16 - Apr - 2020  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
auction sale of mix scrap of aluminum casting component with iron attachment, mix scrap of rejected aluminum electrical cables, mix scrap of non ferrous (alumi. sheets/vessels etc) with iron attachment, scrap iron & steel (assorted steel), scrap iron & steel (assorted steel), scrap of iron & steel (ms box container), scrap iron & steel (ms box strpg/angl/suprt etc), scrap of iron & steel (sheet pkg cover), scrap iron & steel (muti/dmg painted panel & body), scrap iron & steel (mutilated / damaged unpainted panels), scrap of iron & steel (ms wire mesh with minor al layer), scrap of metals mix with plastic (castor wheel / roller / pipes / chairs etc), scrap of component (starter motor, compressor, alternator etc.), mixed scrap of used/damage electrical items distributors, wire rope mcb boxes,frl rejected computer parts etc, circit breakers from panels, electrical panels., mixed scrap of used/damage power sockets, tube light fitings, chokes, tubelights etc., scrap of e-waste electrical component, scrap of electrical copper cables, scrap/used lead acid batteries with & w/o iron cover, scrap of used/obsolete tyre all types & sizes, wood pallets / base / wooden box sides / solid wood batons, wood pallets / base / wooden box sides / solid wood batons, used/scrap broken glass, industrial waste (paper items/file cover/etc.), scrap of used/obsolete re-programming tool and denso tools of en-8t3, scrap of it waste (used/obsolete barcode scanner & rf handheld terminal), scrap of used/obsolete nikon still camera of cbds, scrap of used/obsolete 66 kv / 11 kv trasformer and acc. of emm-g1, scrap of used/obsolete fire extinguisher of sfty-m, scrap of used/obsolete rto heat exchanger of mp-ma, scrap of used/obsolete knuckle bearing pressing & dust cover crimping hydraulic press of ase, scrap of used/obsolete gas operated boiler and pulveriser of adm-m, scrap of used/obsolete aluminium pateela with lid of adm-m, scrap of used/obsolete canteen chairs & tables of adm-m, scrap of used/obsolete hand jigs, conveyor, work stand, sealer jigs and storage jigs of wde-2, scrap of used/obsolete cowl box comp no. 1,2,3, back pnl magazine and pnl set handling jigs of wde-1, scrap of used/obsolete degreasing exhaust fan of pne, scrap of used/obsolete iron structure, casted material and pnl wde-1, packing wood scrap of wde - big size w/o cutting - 3rd & 4th phase
Sector Air Transport Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 39051391
Closing Date 15 - Apr - 2020  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Maintenance / operation of electrical and mechanical installations, ac, water coolers and sliding gate on air side at integrated air cargo complex.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 39056730
Closing Date 13 - Apr - 2020  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of property, residential flat, commercial shop, furniture and fixtures and fittings.
Sector Stainless Steel Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 39342177
Closing Date 11 - Apr - 2020  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
supply of tableau, pl_sql, nosql-spr-2000087538
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 39125259
Closing Date 10 - Apr - 2020  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
E auction sale of property, corporate debtor as a going concern, plant and machinery including furniture and fixture, office equipment and electrical installation, factory land and building.
Sector Business Consultancy Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttarakhand Tenders Ref.No 39297050
Closing Date 10 - Apr - 2020  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of old newspaper, damaged newsprint, printed waste paper, mullet, sweeping, reelend paper and core, used aluminum plates, waste wooden / iron scrap, waste empty plastic buckets and plastic drum, waste empty plastic cane 5/20 ltrs, waste rubber blanket, waste iron scrap / machinery items, waste / damage plastic items / plastic tank, damage reel.
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