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Product Detail : Auction sale of rejected/ scrapped c.i. casting/ malleable casting (in cut/ damaged/ defaced condition), scrapped steel turning and boring, cast iron boring with traces of oil and coolant, miscellaneous scrapped items of iron s and steel scrap like structural steel angle, channels etc. cut pieces of plates, hardened steel items, broken scrapped fabricated frames, racks, bins, damaged tins, bailing strips etc, misc. iron and steel scrap of tractor sheet metal (in cut/damaged/ defaced condition), rejected scrap steel forgings (in cut/ damaged/ defaced condition), miscellaneous m.s. light scrap out of various damaged tractor components and non-tractor items (in cut/ damaged/ defaced condition), scrap wood indian splintered/ packing wood, soiled plywood including planks of any sizes machine packing wood, broken pcs. of scrap wood, wooden packing, cut tree branches, used grinding wheels, scrapindre used empty glass bottles, broken glass pieces cloth pcs. used hand gloves without oil soaked, non oil socked cotton, leather, broom, gunny bags, brushes and other refuse accumulating every day, and protective/packing caps of any size/shape/condition, bailing straps, waste/ used corrugated boxes/ partitions of any size. in good or torn and damaged, contaminated condition including corrugated boxes laminted with gunny bags and corrugated sheet roll., used fork lift tyres, rubber scrap out of worn out material including tractor tyre, tubes in cut / damaged form rubber hoses, rubber sleevs, pipes etc., scrap aluminium-both tractor and non-tractor items. (in cut/ damaged/ defaced condition), used/ damaged canteen utensils of stainless steel., used/scrap empty 15ltr. oil /ghee tin canteen, scrap copper, scrap brass, scrap used hss tools tap, drills, reamer, bsf cutter, end cutting reamer, milling cutter, scrap used carbide tools gun reamer, insert, scrap used tct tools tct end mill, tct hole mill, chamfering tool, grooving tool, scrap used hobs and shaving cutters (+ broaches), crap nickel chromium / catalyst, scrap waste paper-newspapers, magazine, office paper along with covers, file covers or non confidential document material no. scrf12paper, machine/ manual shredded office records material, used / damaged shot blasting shots scrap, used / damaged shot blasting shots powder, used/broken grinding wheels, write off non moving machinery spare parts (non tractor items), all kinds of plastics, polythene scrap includes polythene sheets, bags, tubes, bailing straps and protective/packing caps of any size/shape/condition & pp corrugated sheets & box. scrap cut piece of polythene bags/ plastic papers, used empty plastic bottles, old used plastic sleeves, broken plastic craboys, pvc pipes, conduits, tubes or all kinds of pvc material, used/ scrap empty 200/205 ltrs. m.s. barrels., used/scrap empty 10/20/25 ltrs. m.s. paint drums, used/ scrap empty 200 ltrs. plastic barrels, used/ scrap empty 20/30/50 ltrs. plastic drums/ container, waste black engine oil/mix up emulsified drain hydraulic/ cutting oil along with 200/205 ltrs. capacity m.s. barrels as is where is basis, black slurry with water/drain oil mix, used kerosene oil/ diesel/ thinner/ grease oil recovered from etp mixed with water/ coolant along with 200/ 205 ltrs. capacity m.s. barrels as is where is basis, old used scrap tractor batteries/ used ups batteries, printed circuit board (pcb) material no. scrf12elecewaste, computer / communication accessories of any type of printer key board smpt mouse pc monitor telephone instrument (toner/ink) cartridge capacitors etc., scrapped aluminium and copper cable.
Tender Location : Maharashtra - India
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Tender Closing Date : 16/03/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 16/03/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies - Non-financial Services   
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